Discover English - Level 1

This fantastic 6 Level English course for Early Learners of English. Each level consists of three units of 10 lessons each. Each lesson includes detailed lesson plan and worksheets.

The lesson structure:
Warm Up
Main Activity
Group Activity
Technology Time
Extra Activity

Every lesson has links to awesome sites that will facilitate the lesson. The curriculum has a hands-on approach that involves, group work, arts & crafts, technology, individual work and more.

I have tried to make the lessons as free of preparation as possible. Lesson resource requirements are included in each lesson plan.

30 Lesson Plans
30 + Worksheets

This is great for home tutoring, class supplement, ESL department or for private tutors.

- Hello! What is your name?
- Goodbye!/I can count to 10
- Days of the week/How old are you?
- A day with my friend
- Review
- My bag!
- My Classroom
- My School
- My Family
- Review

Term 2
- My Pet
- let's take spot out
- Animals at the Zoo
- My body parts
- Look what I can do
- Hop jump skip
- Crossing the road
- Picnic by the Riverbank
- My Favorite treats
- Review

- At the circus
- Around town.
- At the resturant
- At the Candy store
- Review
- How tall am I?
- I am feeling….
- My Toys
- Home sweet home
- You've Made it
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